Epiphany in Rome

Epiphany in Rome

Epiphany in Rome: are you ready to meet the famous Befana in Navona Square?

Do not miss out the Befana arrival!

In Rome, the authentic old ugly witch will land with her broomstick directly in Piazza Navona the day of the Epiphany, 6th January.
From our boutique hotel, you can easily reach and immerse you in Navona Square to join this traditional amazing and colourful celebration of the Epiphany, suitable for all ages.
Among the food and sweet stands, discover what the Befana would like to give you, if pastries or coal, obviously it depends on your behaviour during the year!

The legend says the day that Jesus showed himself to the world, an old lady (Befana) led the Magi to his hut, but later she lost them so she decided to spent the rest of the night giving sweets to all the children. For this reason, in the market you can find many stands selling sweets. In Rome all the children hang stockings by windows in advance to receive sweets or coal.

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